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Cristian VILA
From June 14 to October 26, 2019

Quim Domene

Du 16 juin au 30 septembre 2017

Jean-Louis VILA

Paintings and sculptures

3 February to 25 March 2017

Galerie d’art moderne Céret



"There is (...) something enigmatic here. Everything is both discreet and aggressive (constraining): discreet insofar as what one sees is not made only of the" little " , The "rudimentary", the "indifferent" of a set of brief signs as absent-mindedly borrowed from gestures made "for the form", aggressive
because the very insistence of this "almost nothing" constrains the gaze to accept a pleasure which it can only despise and even reject the sources: nothing is a priori "beautiful", "gratifying", in this dislocated, disparate and smeared body that is offered to him as " work ", and yet undeniably something appeals and seduces. Here is the modest enigma proposed by Jean-Louis Vila: his question. 


In turn, at the same time, minimal and baroque, primitive and cultivated, this is the paradox of JL Vila's work. ... "(hesitating or restrained features, twists, filaments, speckles, lacunar
arabesques, dreamy watermarks, fluid suddenly thick). It reminds us of Twombly, some of Tinguely's drawings, illuminations, fairground decorations, a child’s doodles. This world, however, is not saturated. More than a jumble, it is a distracted group of pauses. What is striking more than the accumulation, is the interruption, the broken line, the eclipse of colours or the fading of lines: the slip of the drawing, drawing as a missed act, painting as the forgetfulness (of painting).

Terra incognita

"Jean-LouisVila does not pursue the new values of painting and does not work in ancient ruins. He develops displacements and movements that take advantage of the deep crisis of cultural referents. He depicts the decline of abstraction but discovers unexpected possibilities. "
"With the refusal of all representation, the meanings volatilizes. This loss leads
him to a painting non-lieu, a region still unexplored, a world not yet revealed.
This nomadic journey towards the ultimate abstract stage does not nullify the
emotional and aesthetic burden of his works. Like a concealed danger lurking
under the white snow, a sublime enigma, without pathos and exaggeration; it
captures our attention and leaves us oblivious"
The point of view of the gallery enlightened by the texts of Christian Prigent, AlainCoulange, Gérard-Georges Lemaire and Yves Michaud.

Patrick JUDE

Feixes i llaques

26 October to 31 December 2016

Galerie d’art moderne Céret

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